Mainstream science and academic qualification requires the student to accept 'known' and proven evidence.
And, take it from me, if you don't regurgitate what's conventionally taught, you are not going to qualify.

My name is Mol Smith and I love to challenge and rock the boat, just to see what falls out which may be of value.

So, if you're fed up with the normal media tripe this Christmas and want something to watch to see you over the 'quiet' period....
I thought these may interest a few of you.
Happy Christmas... happy exploration!

December 2017

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The Antartic was discovered by western society in the early 1800s. Was it? In maps pre-dating modern ones, the Antartic was clearly depicted. Was there a civilisation which predates the thawing out of the last ice age?

Rupert Sheldrake a refreshing voice in the wilderness. His ideas do not seem to be beyond the bounds of reason. He is  honest and transparent in his methods, and adheres to the scientific principle. His view on your conciousness.


Egypt and the Pyramids? Are what we told by historians true? Is there something about the technology used which indicates greater technical expertise by our predecessors?

The Interface Theory of Perception, a  Donald Hoffman Lecture. A very interesting aspect to his idea is that this entire existence is a kind of a representation of a more 'real' reality.  He's not asking you to agree with it, but think about it.


For people who love to explore the very small world - zoom in on a lecture by Professor Terry Rudolph at the Imperial College, London.           **** Recommended!****

A novel and  highly detailed account into the double slit experiment and the origin of quantum science. The  sound on this lecture is full of small echoes but the lecture is so good, it's worth putting up with it.

Quantum Biology has been around sinc 1930 approx. This TED lecture is a good introduction. The sound is a bit annoying but the content is good.


Is there a special role that is played by consciousness? Dr. Hooper discusses the various philosophical implications of this rather bizarre and incredible theory. A worthy idea.


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