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* COCKROACH ON FOOD * Some insects enjoy our food as much as we do. How would you like these guests for dinner? This movie, taken at a zoo in London, shows cockroaches on top of a table tucking into a plate of salad. 

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    (Cockroach Movie) File Size: compressed 87.7k 




* WASP STING * With the heat of summer, comes the wasp! And who isn't afraid of their incredible stinging ability? Now you can see the sting in action. Like a deadly fencer, sword 'lancing and dancing', the sting flashes from the wasp abdomen. See it for yourself and read the Micscape Magazine Article on the same subject available via our front page in the Article Visit it! Library). 

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    (Wasp Sting Movie) File Size: compressed 100.5k 




* THISTLE HEAD SEED * Ever wondered how thistles seem to leap up so readily from any bit of spare land? Watch the seeds from a thistle head take to the skies and catch the wind in this close-up movie. 

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    (Seeds Movie) File Size: compressed 92.23k 




*HOVER FLY:SLOW MOTION* This short sequence once again demonstrates what an amateur scoper can achieve with little resources. Using an ordinary home-movie video camcorder with lens set to zoom and shutter set to 4000 (to freeze the action), the wing action of a hover fly has been slowed down sufficiently for serious study. The background in this movie has been 'simplified' to maximise viewing of the hover fly in the foreground. 

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    (Hover fly Movie) File Size: compressed 70k 




* ROTIFERS * Back from the dead? These tiny animals called rotifers know what to do in the dry spells, they simply dry up and wait for the rain to come. Six months, a year, makes no difference. Found in the dust of a dry manhole cover, these rotifers sprung to life within minutes of me flicking a drop of water onto them. 

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    (Rotifers Movie) File Size: compressed 133.3k 





* ROTIFER'S TRAGEDY * Ken Jones, another amateur in the UK, who specialises in making video films of pond-life has done it again. An incredible sequence showing that it's not just us humans that have to suffer tragedy. Seek out the Micscape Magazine article of the month for March 96 to see what this is all about. Don't blame us if you weep! 

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    (Rotifer's Tragedy Movie) File Size: compressed 142.5k 




* STENTOR FEEDING * The 'Mister Str-r-e-e-e-tch' of the pond-life world. Witness for yourself this trumpet-shaped animal, cilia whirling like some an organic fan, as it feeds in the water. 

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    (Stentor Movie) File Size: compressed 96.64k 




* ROTIFER JAWS * Here's a chance to see the jaws of a microscopic sized creature in action. Rotifers are real animals in every sense of the word even though they are normally too small to see with the naked eye. Seen close up, you realise you would not like to be on their menu for the day. 

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    (Rotifer Jaws movie) File Size: compressed 34.7 




* ANT DRINKING HONEY * Of all the insects, only a few species exhibit social behaviour, and of these few groups Ants are among the most interesting ones. Here you can witness a single ant, tired and exhausted after excavating through window- sill mastic into my front room, having an invigorating drink of honey; a tiny drop put down by me in sympathy for its selfless work for its colony. 

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    (Ant drinking honey movie) File Size: compressed 81k 




* APHID (blackfly). * Here's a little creature every gardener would prefer to see less of - a blackfly, (aphid). Well we would probably have less of them if we stopped using some of the insect-killing sprays we currently use. As well as killing pests, these chemicals also destroy natural predators like the ladybird. This one appears to be 'dancing' around a rose thorn. 

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    (Aphid (Blackfly) Movie) File Size: compressed 84.4k 




* SPIDER WITH MEAL * I used to be terrified of spiders but I don't mind them now. However, I was startled when I noticed this very large wooden-looking one hovering in its web just above my head, when I was filming something beneath it in my garden last year. Fortunately, it was halfway through a meal so it wasn't interested in me at all. 

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    (Spider Movie) File Size: compressed 72.08k 



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