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Double Vision Software

This software package is available on CDROM for around 25.00 pounds in the UK. It is excellent! Available for Microsoft Windows, its main function is to convert two images a left and a right view into a single picture which appears in true 3-D when viewed with RED/BLUE glasses; these are supplied with the software.

Holograms, which produce an image either in front or behind the surface of the computer monitor are produced by using the software to work on a single image. This is used to falsely represent a left and a right view of the subject. A typical example is the Ant Head which can be seen in this area of Micscape.

I strongly recommend the use of this package. It is sold in Europe, the UK, and the United States.

Contact either ofthe following for details:-
	UK Agent
	Tel: 0151 933 8772
	Fax: 0151 933 4108

	USA Agent
	Visual Software Inc.
	21731 Ventura Blvd.
	Suite 310
	Woodland Hills, CA 91364
	Tel: 818 593 3500
	Fax: 818 593 3737

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