3D Hologram of Ant

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Andrew Syred of Microscopix is one of the keenest 'scopers' I've met and thank God he's part our small crew here working our spare time to show you the astonishing world of Amateur Microscopy. Andrew has donated many SEM images to our site so we can all share their incredible detail... and now he has outdone anyything done before by producing stunning 3D SEM images. This one is of a Heathland Ant. It's just a pity we had to reduce the quality and size to make it more accessible on the web.

Try moving your head slowly left to right and back again whilst focusing on the Ant's head. Relax and take a bit of time looking at the center of the Ant's head until it pushes out in front of your monitor. Pass your finger through the projected head and touch the screen. Mind it doesn't jump out and grab you though!

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