Hologram Long Legged Flies: Dolichopopdidae

This is a very good hologram - subtle, and easy on the eyes. Stare at the fly and gently move your attention between the tiny writing at the bottom of the image and the center of the fly's face. Scan up from the writing to the face very slowly to increase the effect. You will come to see that the fly is progressively pushed out in front of the monitor. Don't believe me..? Then after a minute, put your finger slowly out to touch the center of the fly's face. You'll need your RED/BLUE glasses on.

A Tip

Use your mouse to point at the bottom of the stem in the first letter 'P' you see in the title. Leave your mouse cursor in this position and stare just below it at the top of the fly's head!

This image was created from a single frame of a video film. It was 'sampled' into a PC and converted into a hologram using Double Vision software.

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