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About this section How to take 3D Microscopy pics.
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Seeing in 3D

To view this section you will need 3D glasses. These may come in various forms but the ones to use here must have a red lens and a blue lens; the red lens being for your left eye. We will shortly list where you can obtain glasses from cheaply.


You will need Netscape Version 1.11, 1.22, or 2.0 as your browser or a helper application to see the images which are in GIF or JPG format. Most large images are *.jpg (JPEG) files in 24bit colour.

Stereo and Holograms

Images in this area are either true stereo 3D, or holograms. All of them require viewing through red/blue 3D glasses.

How to get 3D Microscopy Pics

Watch this space! We will shortly be offering a series of articles designed to help the amateur microscopist capture their very own 3D Microscopy pics.

The first is '3D Photography through the Microscope' by Wim van Egmond

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