A few of Mol's Microscopy-related Images

I thought you might like to see some of Mol's images. Most of these are embedded in various articles in Micscape Magazine. I have only included a small sample of his images related to microscopy to give you an idea of the diversity of his image contribution to Micscape. If you wish to see other images he creates - not related to microscopy, then you are welcome to take a look by going here.

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Nanobot A rather neat little animation of a nanobot!
Nanobot Big A big version of the above with blood cells rushing thru.
Nanobes Mol often jazzes up other contributors images - with their permission!
3d stuff A lot of 3d images he did in the early days of Mic-UK
Dragonfly in 3D While we're looking at 3D - he did some on dragonflies recently. This one works quite well.
3D dustmite Mol filmed this one thru his microscope.
Lice 1 He got a bit involved looking at body and hair lice.This is a body louse.
Lice 2 Another one from the set - this time an animated gif of a hair louse.
Promotion for Licewars Mol enjoys going over the top a bit and promoting some of (his friends articles)
8x images You don't need a microscope to take images. He did some thru an 8x magnifier. This is one.
Ants1 He took some nice stuff of ants with a video camera. This is a queen ant made using several frames from video.
Ants 2 A little animated image of an ant.
Is it real? Mol loves to tease!
Sperm and Egg He loves to visualise and create images that can't be captured with a microscope.
Animated diagrams And he likes to create moving diagrams.


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