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12th December 2014

©Steve Gill

©Steve Gill
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  Welcome to the The Amateur Diatomist Web Site.

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This web site is a continuation of The Amateur Diatomist publication, printed between March 2002 and July 2009.
Though the cost of printing and postage ultimately forced us into suspending publication it was determined, upon its demise, that we would endeavour to continue the title via the Internet. Despite the passage of a number of years this desire to continue our efforts and provide a medium for interchange of ideas and publication of relevant articles, has not abated.
The editors welcome contributions to the site content, including articles, letters, photographs, exchanges etc. These should be submitted by email to the address found in the 'About' section of the site.
As previously we wish it known that there is no strict editorial policy and no adherence to any specific taxonomy. Rather, we think it important that the amateur be free to choose their reference material, particularly considering the prohibitive costs of current literature.

We cannot be held responsible for any mishaps related to methods or instructions for cleaning or mounting. Any persons undertaking any of the processes contained in any of the articles do so at their own risk. Where appropriate we we will give guidance, but as in all things, common sense must prevail. Younger readers should always seek the advice of a responsible adult before embarking upon any procedure, and responsible adults should always be responsible.

"We do not know what we do not know."

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