A Selection of UK Microscope and Accessory Dealers
for the Hobbyist

Updated June 18th 2001  * in list = new addition

Compiled by Dave Walker (UK based amateur naturalist and microscopist)

This is an impartial list of UK microscope dealers known to the author who particularly cater for the hobbyist.
It also includes dealers who supply related materials of interest to the hobbyist like slides, reagents, accessories and books.
I have no commercial relation with any of these dealers and it doesn't claim to be comprehensive. I offer the list as a source of information in good faith which may be useful to potential buyers in the UK.
The short comments are mine based on dealers catalogues or websites, but is only a very general guide.

Many dealers now have much of their range catalogued on-line. Some below also have paper catalogues, in which case a few stamps or large SAE is generally appreciated.

Important - this list is for UK enquirers. If an overseas enquiry please remember the time difference if faxing or phoning, some may be home based.

Note: the dealers are not listed in any particular order!

Brunel Microscopes
Website: http://www.brunelmicroscopes.co.uk
Unit 12
Enterprise Centre
Bumpers Way
Bumpers Industrial Estate
Chippenham, WILTS. SN14 6QA
Tel: 01249 462655
Fax: 01249 701129
A wide range of microscopes, accessories, slides and resources.
(From Jan. 2001, Materials formerly available via Microscopy-UK's on-line shop (On.View) are now available through Brunel).

NBS (Northern Biological Supplies)
3 Betts Avenue
Martlesham Heath
Suffolk IP5 7RH
Tel: 01473 623995
Fax: 01473 612418
Northern Biological Supplies sell a range of prepared microscope slides and accessories, slide making kits, reagents, booklets etc. 'NBS' are one of the few dealers in the UK who can offer reagents to the private buyer.

Lakeland Microscopes (specialise in Russian models, have a good range of scopes &
accessories, from budget to research models)
Holly Bank
Windermere Road
Grange over Sands
LA11 6LB
Tel/ Fax: 015395 34737

Herts Optical Services
102A Victoria Street
St. Albans
New and secondhand microscopes, accessories and repair/servicing.

Meiji Techno UK Ltd
The Vineyard
BS26 2AN
Tel: 01934 733655
Fax: 01934 733660
Web site at http://www.meijitechno.co.uk

*Northern Microscopes
Scientific House
Dryden Street
L5 5HH
Tel: 0151 298 1965
Fax: 0151 298 1206
Web site at http://www.northern-microscopes.co.uk
Sell Zenith, Swift microscopes and a range of secondhand microscopes. Also servicing of most models.

Lindsey Optical
2A Walden Rd
Sewards End
Saffron Walden
CB10 2LE
Tel: 01799 513613
Fax: 0870 284 1727
Web site at www.LindseyOptical.co.uk
Has taken over the business of A. R. Lindsey. They have secondhand equipment available and also supply new the Russian range and Motic microscopes.

Meta Scientific
7 Fosters Grove
Surrey GU20 6JZ
Tel 01276 475407
Fax 01276 472070
Sell a range of Novex, Euromex, Ceti (Merck Catalogue) and
other microscopes.
Web site at www.metascientific.com

Pyser-SGI Limited
Fircroft Way
Kent TN8 6HA
Tel 01732 864111
Fax 01732 865544
Contact Brian Kyte
Web site (Click on Products link) at www.pyser-sgi.com
Suppliers of Motic & Swift microscopes, they also have full service capabilities.
(Thank you to Brian Kyte for this info).

C E Offord (Microscopes)
Ticehurst Road
Hurst Green
Sussex TN19 7QT
Tel / Fax: 01580 200739
Can supply direct the Offord microscope especially designed
for the young and superior to toy microscopes found in high street
catalogues etc.

Microscopes UK (no relation to the website 'Microscopy UK')
Website http://www.microscopes-uk.com
Sell a range of microscopes including Euromex and Novex models.

Microscopes Plus
Website http://www.microscopesplus.co.uk
A range of new (e.g. Hund models) and used microscopes. Also service and repair of microscopes.

Prior Scientific
Full range of microscopes and accessories.

Savona Books
9 Wilton Road
HU18 1QU
Tel: 01964 535195
Fax: 01964 537346
Website http://www.savonabooks.free-online.co.uk
Not microscopes, but a UK bookshop specialising in books on microscopy and related subjects both secondhand and new. Full catalogue now on-line.

Alana Ecology
Sell a good affordable pond/stream dipping net suitable for larger invertebrates (1mm mesh). Also sell a good range of pocketable pH meters, conductivity meters, test kits etc. that are useful for a hobbyist studying the water chemistry of an aquatic habitat.

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Comments, corrections, suggested amendments etc. to the compiler Dave Walker welcomed.