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The tiny animals and plants found in a sample of pond water are fascinating subjects for the beginner, and have captivated many experienced microscopists for a lifetime as well!

There are a bewildering variety of organisms you may find, so this page provides a selection to introduce some common types.

You don't need any special equipment to begin studying pond life. Read a few simple guidelines to get started.

We start with six common animals typically between 0.3 and 6 mm in size. The larger ones shown will certainly attract your eye if seen in a sample of pond water, and the smaller ones may be spotted while viewing with a low power stereo (eg 40X) or compound microscope. They are not to scale, the black bar under each is the typical size (the scale mark is arrowed for the smaller creatures).

Click on each organism to find out its name, read a short description and to link to a Micscape Article if we have one.

New Virtual Pond Dip

January 2001: A more comprehensive and colourful virtual pond dip has been prepared, click here. The old one above has been left on if preferred.


Client side image map created with Mapedit v2.24 for Windows 3.1.

Drawings sourced from images of older books in the public domain.

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