Unknown Microphotograph: who made this slide?

and PhotoCD

by Mike Samworth

Many microscopists have at least one microphotograph in their slide collection. I have just the one. However despite there being an excellent book on the greatest producer of them, J B Dancer, I cannot find mine listed.

"H.R.H. Prince Albert", photograph from slide by Mike Samworth
The actual microphotograph is 1.9mm by 1.7mm on the microscope slide. I took it using the Zeiss Universal and a x2.5 Plan objective onto Fuji Velvia.

The slide itself has the usual J B Dancer label, but without his name or initials. This would seem to suggest it is by Richard Suter using Dancer's materials but I cannot find it amongst his lists. There are certainly slides of the same subject, H.R.H. Prince Albert, which is the title on the slide label, but they are not of this actual view.

If anyone can find a reference to this slide I would appreciate finding out its source.

Comments to the author Mike Samworth, Micscape contributor welcomed.

Editor's note:
An article on the microphotographs of Dancer (and Suter) is in our library. Also read an article on the life of J B Dancer and an article on various techniques used to reproduce small text and photos from Victorian times to the present.



PhotoCD is an ideal way of viewing your transparencies on your computer. Once there the images can be manipulated easily, perhaps getting rid of some faults or cleaning up the background in the process. Then, when you are happy with the result you can share your work with others by putting the image on show. Why not show off your images taken down the microscope through the pages of Micscape?

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