My Microscopes

by Ebrina van den Bijl (aged 12)

Two years ago I got a small toy microscope as a present. I did find out how to use it, but needed a lot more information about all the possibilities. So my mother and I visited a photo exhibition by the Dutch Society for Microscopy. Here I saw a real microscope and also had the opportunity to use it and as a result, I became a youth member of the society.

Ebrina Each fortnight, on Friday evening, there is a meeting. Everyone brings his microscope to the meeting and we look at each others samples. There are also lectures, I like that very much.

I am learning a lot. Because the toy microscope did not work very well, Mr. Jan Parmentier gave me a good school microscope and later on a stereo microscope. I am very pleased with these beautiful microscopes. In my last year at the primary school I gave a talk about my microscope.

I am now at the Huygens High School in Voorburg and this year we are going to do many things with the microscope. At home, if I see something under the microscope I do not know, I always look it up in my books. I always try to find interesting things to look at: small plants and flowers, mushrooms or water from a ditch.

Our club also produces a magazine with articles written by the members and I have already contributed two small articles. I have now been a member of the club for two years and I still like it very much.


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