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Encounter in Scotland (Page 6)
When you examine bat droppings under a microscope, you get to see the remains of the various insects they've consumed. It takes a bit of detective work to identify the original insect from the various parts. See if you can identify any insects in the following images. It is easy to mix bat droppings with some water and put the solution on a specimen slide for microscopical examination, just like Van and I  did here!
Bat Droppings images 1- 7
  • Image 1: Head & mangled body of an insect.
  • Image 2: Maybe a moth wing?
  • Image 3: Insect hairs & bristles everywhere!
  • Image 4: Insect leg.
  • Image 5: Compound eye lenses?
  • Image 6: Same... dragonfly or just fly?
  • Image 7: Insect leg and claw.
Well that's about it from me and Van on bats. I hope you've enjoyed this strange story where I did my best to involve you in the background and details of our encounter. If you have any interesting comments about this article, we'd sure as hell be interested to hear from yer... so don't forget to drop us a line. Oh, yes! Before I forget, you might like to see our 2 meg AVI movie which you can download from the web. Gotta go, Van thinks she just saw a bat on the wing outside the stairway window! 
regards for now,
Larry & Vanessa
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