Employing Advancing Technology to Enhance Imagery of the Microscopic World
by Mol Smith (Co-founder Mic-UK)

Both of the following offers expire on August 13th at midnight 2007!

3D Poser Model
I will pay £150.00 prize to the first person who demonstrates the best 3D.obj model of a Rotifer which can be animated in Poser 7 software. To build this model you may need to collaborate with several authors on Micscape especially when building the material textures. At the time of writing, no life-like models exist of living forms at the microscopical scale. The rotifer is one of the most interesting animals and so I have selected this one to be the best first such models to build.

What is a Poser Model? Well I have animated a Poser model of a Mosquito in a little dark spoof here below, which should give you an idea!

The prize will be paid via Paypal and the winning person must own a Paypal account to receive the prize money. Please contact Mol Smith is if you believe you can demonstrate a life-like 3D model of a Rotifer which can be animated in Poser 7.
Your Best Photo Transformed
If you have a hi-res beautiful image of your own copyright of any living structure plant or animal which you would like me to transform into a stunning 3D image free, please put a low res one in your Mic-UK gallery. I will select the one I think is best for 3D conversion and create a final 3D print for you and send it to your home. You must have a 300dpi version at least 6x4 inches minimum for me to create the 3D print for you. Write to Mol for further details.

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