Image gallery: Photomicroscopy using a mobile phone camera

by Nicolas White, UK

Editor's note: Nick White recently emailed some images taken down a student microscope and using a mobile phone camera - just the sort of curiosity and 'try it and see' approach that appeals to us. Perhaps a great way to encourage youngsters to use their mobile phones. Motorola state that the phone model used has a 640x480 sensor and autofocus.

Nick writes: A few months ago I received a microscope for my birthday, a "Micro-science" (TM) kit. It's my first microscope and I'm entirely new to this field (my background is physics and astronomy). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've been using my mobile phone to take images through the microscope. Attached are a few images I've taken to date, obtained by just placing the mobile phone up to the eyepiece.

Your website also mentioned that you are interested in technology generally, so I've attached a couple of astro mobile phone shots for your interest - Venus transiting the sun earlier this year and the moon.

The mobile phone, by the way, is the Motorola E365. The pics are...

1) Blood cells x1200 approx

2) Fly wing (came with the microscope set)

3) Tiny fly (wing span is about 1mm)

4) Venus crossing the sun (projection method)

5) The moon (through a 2 inch refractor, x30)

 All comments to the author Nicolas White are welcomed.  

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