Image gallery - two beetle portraits


Indian Tortoise Beetle

by William Ells
Coniferae, Walnut Tree Lane, Loose, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9RG, UK.


This photomicrograph of an Indian Tortoise Beetle was taken of a microscope slide sent round to members of The Postal Microscopical Society (UK) several years ago, the Society is now in its 126th year. The slide was prepared by Fred Enock (died 1916) who was famous for his slides of the Mymaridae or fairy flies.

The beetle was labelled Coleoptera - Hispidae - Platypnia - echidna.

Comments to Bill Ells welcomed.

Live beetle image

Summer has it's fair share of insect casualties and it's worth keeping an eye on insects amenable to photography. This injured beetle was imaged by Maurice Smith in his S.E. London garden using a video camera in macro mode. Not too sure what species - possibly a female stag beetle?


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