An observation on protozoa of the 
genus Amphileptus

by Jim Evarts, USA


The following two photomicrographs were taken by me using the water I collected from a local lake. I believe they are of the Amphileptus species and thought their behaviour unusual. The upper image shows the three protozoa joined in fission and conjugation. The lower image shows one that has separated from the fission stage. I would appreciate any reader's opinion about this observation as I'm not really sure what the images are showing.

The images were made using my Leitz Ortholux scope with my electronic flash and green filter. I used my Zeiss 25X phase objective and 8X ocular.

Comments by e-mail are welcomed to Jim Evarts.

Upper and lower image described above.


Additional images

The image of the Amphileptus below was made at the same time
 the protozoa broke loose from the fission stage


The Paramecium below was in the same water as the
Amphileptus from the lake in Bellmore town.

Images © James Evarts and not to be used without permission.


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