Report: British Phycological Society Field Course in Freshwater Algae

(Kindrogan, Scotland, August 2003)

by Christina Brodie, UK

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Flora from Loch Tummel. Pictured are the dinoflagellates Ceratium corundum and Ceratium hirundinella, resembling the Eiffel Tower; the blue-green alga Coelosphaerium kuetzingianum, encircled by a ring of mucilage; the diatoms Uroselenia eriensis, Tabellaria species, and Asterionella formosa, with its star-like colonies; and the desmids Staurastrum planctonicum and Spondylosum planum.  

Flora from the River Ardle. The centre of the picture is dominated by the large stalked diatom Didymosphenia, which itself plays host to a smaller stalked diatom, Achnanthidium minutissima. Likewise attached to the rocks is a red freshwater alga, Audoniella herrmanniana. To the left of Didymosphenia are a grain of Pinus pollen and a string of Encyonemas dividing in a mucilage tube. Floating in the river current is the colonial diatom Fragilaria capucina and various filamentous green algae (Spirogyra, Zygnema, Ulothrix).

Micrasterias sol.

 Loch Kinardochy, source of Micrasterias sol.

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