Richard Haynes, Missouri, U.S.A.


In the spirit of the Holiday Season that is almost upon us, I offer a few polarized images...some of which even contain the red and greens...with hope they may provide some visual refreshment.

(While testing my home-made polarization filters with potassium acetate (Micscape, November 2006), I also trotted out that old favorite, ascorbic acid. I made no particular effort to prepare these slides. I placed a tiny amount of the acid crystals on a clean slide, added a drop or two of water and ground the chemical until it dissolved.  Then I placed the slide under a heat lamp and allowed it to quickly evaporate. Voilį, I had a slide ready to be viewed under polarizing filters. Perhaps not the purest method but it did give me the following.)

                   1          2          3

                   4          5          6

                   7          8          9

                   10          11          12

                  13           14

Until next year, Best Wishes to All for a Happy Holiday time!

Equipment: Nikon Eclipse E200 trinocular microscope, Nikon E Plan. 10X/0.25 WD 7 objective, crossed polarizing filters, Qioptiq digital coupler and Nikon CP 4500 digital camera. Photoshop® 7.0

 I am interested to hear from Micscape readers and all comments are welcome.


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