A Galaxy In Sand - an illustrated poem

 by Christina Brodie, UK



Diatom suns sway crescent moonís course;

Cushion star collides with miserís purse;

Triangleís ting forces pillbox doors,

A galaxy in sand;


Foraminifera forage fast;

Archimedesí spirals, plaited loaves,

Antique amphorae and bubblerafts,

A galaxy in sand;


Radiolarians radical;

Spiked skeletons rise with soothing swell,

Horned Vikings Teuton Templars tumble,

A galaxy in sand;


Crescent moon turns ocean wheel makes sea to landÖ

A galaxy in sand.


© Christina Brodie 26th October 2008


Images © Christina Brodie 2008. All rights reserved.


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