Crystal Image Gallery

by Jim Evarts, USA

The pictures in the image gallery below were scanned color photos. The photos in turn were taken from 35mm slides projected on to a white wall.

For the original slides, I used 35mm Kodak 100 ASA Elite Chrome film. They were taken through the microscope using a 25X Leitz plan objective and 10X eyepiece. The camera was used as a film transport with no lens attached. The initial magnification was approximately 220X (on the slide film).

I used polarized light to bring out the colors and applied heat and pressure on the chemical compounds (hyroquinone + sodium sulfite) to form the crystals. Low heat is applied to the powdered mixture (using a bunsen burner flame 6 inches away). A small disc is put on top to apply pressure after first placing the heated compounds on a glass slide.

All the pictures are of the same chemicals and the amazing thing is that each one is unique in both its shape and colors.

Comments by e-mail are welcomed to Jim Evarts.


Images of sodium sulfite + hyroquinone between crossed polar filters

ev1.jpg (32442 bytes)
ev2.jpg (29279 bytes)
ev3.jpg (19972 bytes)
Images © James Evarts.


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