'Water flea' key in diagrammatic form to freely download: 'Crustacés cladocères' by Claude Amoros is a splendid diagrammatic key to the cladocera published in Société Linnéenne de Lyon Tome 53 (1984) n°3-4. The author notes in the Abstract that it was written for 'non-specialists' to 'identify the species of freshwater cladocerans of France and the neighbouring countries of western Europe'. The cladocera are a popular group to study by naturalists and microscopy enthusiasts. Only a few terms used in the key need to be translated to the reader's own language to be used for non-French speakers. The Society and the author Claude Amoros has kindly given Micscape permission for us to scan and share a copy for readers' personal / educational use.

The key (with the author's accompanying introduction, species descriptions, refs.) can be downloaded here in Acrobat® pdf format (63 pages, size 30Mbytes); hi-res scan to be printed out rather than for screen use. It is best to right mouse click and save file in link above to local computer, rather than view in browser because large Acrobat files sometimes 'hang' in browser pages.

June 11th 2011. Problems with link and file corruption hopefully now corrected. Thank you to readers who have pointed it out.

The website of the Société Linnéenne de Lyon is here. The learned society has published a range of other keys.

The bibliography of the author Claude Amoros on the University of Lyon website is here.

Micscape sincerely thanks the Society for liaison and for seeking the author's Claude Amoros permission.


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