Comments received on the query in last month's issue

by Bill Ells, UK


Editor's note: In the January 1999 issue of Micscape, Bill Ells asked for help to identify an unusual protozoan he had found. Bill had a good response to his query and writes:


I have had some interesting e-mail on the unusual protozoa that appeared in 'Micscape'.  (Bill's drawing shown left).  All agree that it is a species of Ophrydium, a suggestion for the species is O. versatile. The genus is not in 'How to know the Protozoa' by Jahn, Bovee & Jahn. It is in the only other book I have on the subject 'Protozoa' by Albert Westphal. The figure here is very small I would not have been able to identify the genus. 

Ophrydium are normally colonial in a gelatinous matrix (shown below), mine I am told are in the telotroch (mobile or colonising stage) when individuals break away from the colony to set up new living quarters. I am also told that in 'Freshwater Invertebrates of the United States' by R.W. Pennak  "on page 84 in the section on Protozoa there is a drawing of a single Ophrydium that looks almost exactly as you drew it ."  Two  people recommended 'Free Living Freshwater Protozoa' by Prof.D.J.Patterson.

I am most grateful for the response I have had from around the world to this and other articles, it makes my little efforts worthwhile. Thanks, Bill Ells.

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