Links to Fly and Insect Sites.
The Flying Eye Scientific research about the flight manouvres of the Blowfly
Welcome to Diptera About all kinds of flies
Virtual FlyLab Create your own cross between types of fruitflies
Interactive Fly About the development of Drosophila, the Fruitfly
The Fly Lab About the visual system of the blowfly Calliphora erythrocephala 
O. Orkin Insect Zoo Lot's of information about flies and other insects
Blowfly Maggot Page about the maggot of a Blowfly
Maggot Therapy Project How to cure bad wounds with blow fly larvae
Dengue fever An interesting personal account of a dangerous disease carried by a mosquito.
Insecta Nice site about insects
3D by Dan Shelley If you like to see many more anaglyph 3D pages about all kinds of subjects
Red and blue glasses How to get 3D spectacles

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