A METHOD OF SEALING GLYCOL JELLY MOUNTS BETWEEN TWO COVER GLASSES William Ells, Coniferae, Walnut Tree Lane, Maidstone, Kent ME15 9RG. England

Glycerine jelly mounts can be somewhat difficult to seal, in warm weather I have found the jelly in some of my pollen mounts oozing out. I understand a drop of formalin on the jelly before the cover glass is put on will cause the jelly to harden, I have not tried this myself.

Some years ago I read of a method of using two cover glasses to make a mount, I am sorry I cannot give the original reference. I was reminded of this when it was referred to by David Cuffe in the newsletter of The Postal Microscopical Society, Balsam Post no. 10 Nov. 1988, again the original reference was not given.

 Mounts I made in this way in 1988 show no signs of leakage.



Comments to Bill Ells welcomed.


The Micscape Editor's thank Bill Ell's for contributing this microscopy tip.


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