Image gallery:
Close-up images taken with a
Polaroid PDC-640 digital camera

by David Young, Iowa City, USA



Hello! I have just purchased a new Polaroid PDC-640 camera (ca. $208) and have taken some close-ups of some insects and spiders. Enclosed are a few examples.

I am also trying the camera over a microscope with a homemade adaptor and will report on this in a future issue. Initial trials suggest the PDC-640 doesn't work well with a microscope because of its shape and a sliding door over the lens, which also serves as an on/off switch. If anybody knows of a safe easy way to remove the sliding door on this camera so I can center it over the eyepiece of a 'scope, I would be most thankful. Preferably some way that still allows the camera to be turned on/off.

Comments to the author David Young welcomed.


Image gallery by the author.

(Editor's note: to fit in the web page, the author's master images have been resized
and sharpened a little to correct softness introduced by resizing.)


Longhorn beetle, top view.

Longhorn beetle, front view.


Red ant, worker.

Formica sp. ant.

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