Micscape Practical Tip:

A Quick and Easy Way to Make Dry Mounts

by Jim Benko, US



One way to make dry-mount preps. of materials like sand, minerals, fibers, etc. is to use poster mount squares. All you have to do is to cut out the middle portion and use the outer portion as a frame between the slide and coverslip. You can use a razor blade or 'Exacto' knife (or similar) to cut out the squares.

Another way is to punch out a few holes using a paper punch. You can store them as shown right until needed. Another method is to keep slides ready with the bottom portion of adhesive attached to the slide (see below).

Then just peel off the top paper to expose the top portion of adhesive when ready to cap the prep. with a coverslip. I have prepared a number of slides of sands from around the world made between 5-10 years ago and they are still holding up quite well.

The poster squares with central square cut out; stored in the makers packing until needed.

Jim Benko, Zeeland, MI, US

Comments to Jim Benko welcomed.


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