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By Paul James (uk)

From time to time I'd like to show some of my imagery gleaned over the last few years in the macro and micro range. Some of these images have been captured on film cameras, digital cameras or by document scanning techniques. Each image is of particular interest to me and hopefully the reader too.
Bacilli en mass in pond water with unidentified algae (x 400 Phase Contrast).

Under brightfield the bacteria would be exceedingly difficult to see in this particular situation, yet

phase contrast reveals them with ease. This image has been inverted to highlight the bacteria and 

grayscaled to reduce file size for web use.

Grass seed heads using document scanner. Anthers in profusion are shown on the example left.

I like this image because it shows how useful the document scanner can be at low powers. ( x5)

Wild rose thorn. This silhouette reveals its geometrical elegance.

Eons of evolutionary 'trial and error' have produced this most perfectly

efficient deterrent. I marvel at the way genetic coding can replicate

this geometry with such precision. ( x8 )

'Ink Stain' fungal growths shown clearly after the bark of this felled larch tree was removed. 

Many of these fungal varieties exist, each preferring specific wood species. 

Their presence can create very beautiful patterns in timber. ( X 4 )

All comments to the author Paul James are welcomed

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