Slide query: Amphipleura pellucida diatom slide dated 1950
stained with 'BNC'

by David Walker, UK


 David Walker




The slide seen with a 6.3x objective. It's not an attractive slide! Irregular dark brown fragments (stain and/or residue?) are present.





When the staining level was at an intermediate density and even, to my eye the effect was quite pleasing, as in the above example.



Objective 40x. The extensive staining outside the peripheries of some diatoms, as above, gave a rather surreal look to them.



Objective 100x, oblique. A close-up of the above species, but not the same example.



So, overall, the slide seems rather an oddity to my casual eye, but an interesting one as had never previously come across a stained diatom slide.





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