Is Microscopy Dead? by mol smith July 2013                 {credits}

I have used several images from our 3D Microscope to suggest an evocative (or novel) way to view microscopic specimens. These images exist as 2D pictures and were turned into 3D my myself. Their original  source images and the 3D ones remain copyright of their respective owners. See below.

SILK WORM (LARVA)   Oliver Meckes of Eye of Science
Horse-fly Head   Michael Reese Much USA
ROTIFER    Wallter Dioni
Jamie Wood, New Zealand  
{fair use - see below}

  • No free or public domain images have been located for this film.
    The image is of lower resolution than the original poster (copies made from it will be of inferior quality).

    The poster is to suggest something of the film's genre and style.
    The poster is being used for informational purposes only, and its use is not believed to detract from the original film in any way.
    The poster is used on various websites, and its use on Mic-uk does not make it significantly more accessible than it already is.

An Incredible Journey   BBC
Dinoflagellate Ceratium hirudinella     Richard L. Howey  USA
Rotifer: Keratella (stained)     Richard L. Howey  USA
Water beetle    David Walker
Arrenurus water mite
Wim van Egmond




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