Two microscopy videos.
I - Common methods to prepare subjects for the microscope
II - 'Microbe Hunters' by Paul de Kruif 1926. A look at a classic book.

by Alejandro Ariel Garcia Arriaga, Mexico

Editor's note: Videos are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way of presenting microscopy topics.
Alejandro explores the typical video techniques offered in software to present two microscopy themed videos.


Sampling part one. The world under the microscope.
A look at common methods of preparing subjects for the microscope. Video time 4' 33".


'Microbe Hunters' - an illustrated review and commentary on some of the scientists discussed in the classic book with this title 
by Paul de Kruif. First published in 1926 and still in print. Video time 5' 21".

All comments to the author Alejandro Ariel Garcia Arriaga are welcomed.


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