Micscape Image gallery

Images taken by Jeremy Poole, Sherborne, UK

The photos were taken using either a compound microscope with trinocular head (Brunel SP10; magnification up to 1000X), or else using a stereoscopic microscope (Brunel BMZ; magnification up to 40X).

All photographs are copyright Jeremy Poole 2000.

Compound Microscope (Scans of original images).

A cross section of the stem of a small pine tree. Prepared slide.

 This is a view of some crystals of paracetamol, viewed using polarised light. Slide prepared by the author.


 Stereo Microscope (Scans of original images).

The head of a garden spider (Araneus diadematus).
Note the multiplicity of eyes. 

 This is (I think) the female sexual organ of the garden spider. 

 I've forgotten to which breed of spider these fangs belong. 

 This is the head is of some sort of hover fly. Note the compound eye. 

Comments to the author Jeremy Poole are welcomed.

Editor's note: Visit the author's web site http://www.jeremypoole.eurobell.co.uk, where further images of macroscopic and microscopic life from his travels in Malaysia and elsewhere can be seen. The site also includes splendid images of scenery and wildlife taken during the author's worldwide travels, including trips to the Antarctic, Nepal and Argentina.

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