More Common Garden Seeds

by Chris Thomas, Milton UK

nine spheres filled with images of seeds

Scale - circle diameters equivalent to circa 7 mm. Images © Chris Thomas

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 Evening Primrose


This is my second page on garden seeds. I am sure that I could generate many more but I do not want to deprive you of the pleasure! My thanks again go to Jane and Marcia and Co for contributing to my collection!

More importantly, I would like to encourage people to aquire a pocket lens of 10x magnification and just look at subjects that come to hand. The magnification may be small but already it affords a new window to everyday objects and often reveals things that we would normally overlook. Economically priced and with a necklace or thong, a good hand lens provides a far more useful present to a child or young adult than a high power microscope. A search of came up with three possible useful books to go with them, though I have not seen them and cannot vouch for their quality!!:

Adventures with a Hand Lens by Richard Headstrom (1977)

Experiments with a hand lens by Salvatore Tocci (2002)

The World of the Small: Nature Explorations with a Hand Lens by Michael Elsohn Ross et al (1993)

Perhaps there is a future project for one or a team of us out there!

For those wishing to go into a more technical approach, there is a range of options to achieve a similar effect or access to objects of this size. Use of a flatbed scanner at high resolution, the use of digital or film cameras with macro facility or low power stereo-microscopy. Search the Micscape archives for the numerous helpful articles covering these areas.

The above pictures were taken with a Unilink adaptor linked to a digital camera focussed at infinity and placed in the eyepiece tube of a simple ex-Open University low power stereomicroscope. I get vignetting but am able to live with it especially as the image size in pixels for Internet pictures is not great.

Other Micscape contributions with images of seeds are:

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