About These Sounds

[1] Earth Screaming audio is a sample taking from the ESA web site. Earth can generate radio emissions in a natural way. The most intense of these emissions is a phenomenon called Auroral Kilometric Radiation (AKR). The radiation has a frequency of between 50 and 500 kHz and a total power of between about 1 million and 10 million watts. The sounds escape outward in  space from the magnetic field lines. Some other planets emit cyclotron radiation too, AKR could be used to learn more about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and to detect extra solar planets.(Courtesy of Prof. D. Gurnett, University of Iowa).

[2] Rotifer Video By Jean-Marie Cavanihac [France] and sound effect added by me.

[3] Beetle Video. Original image from a Micscape magazine contributor  and animated by me.

[4] Flagellate Video. Image by Micscape Magazine contributor, animated by me and sound effects added, 

[5] Amoeba eats 2 paramcium video was originally uploaded to YouTube by Vijayan T . The link is here. I down-loaded the video, converted it and added the sound effects to it.