What we found during the microscopists meeting in Renesse, the Netherlands

The veliger larva of a mussel



The larva of a polychaete worm

The tadpole larva of a tunicate. This free swimming larva shows the relation with chordates. In later life it will attach itself to a substrate and transform into the adult sack-like form.

The egg capsule of the mollusc Littorina

The waters of the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands are rich in many species of marine organisms. In the months March and May the bloom of algae (especially diatoms) has it's effect on the reproduction of many animals. Many of the larvae feed on the algae. During the meeting of Dutch and British microscopists in May '98 we saw larva of many species. This page portrays some of these.

More about the meeting can be read in the Micscape article Renesse and on the Quekett Club site

The zoea larva of a crab


This picture of a gastrula shows the way many organisms begin their larval development. This one could become a starfish. The beginning of a gut is already visible.


The larva of a starfish. More about these creatures can be read in Growth of a starfish


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