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Parasorites marginalis
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Collecting Foraminifera can be very rewarding. Because of their size and structure they will be 'precollected' for you by the wind.

Parasorites is a large flat ornate foram with many chambers. It is very numerous and can often be found in heaps deposited to the leeward side of low headlands within the bays of the mediterranean.



  Some Foraminifera live a bethnic existance on the sea bed but others like the Globigerinia become part of the plankton. The life cycles are quite complex and there are many species not yet studied in the living state. Another common life style is the development of a symbiotic relationship with algae. In the summer months the tests of Elphidium can be seen climbing up seaweeds in order to give their algae more light and without the microscope look more like a colony of Diatoms!
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