Image gallery:
Macro images of Myrmica ants taken
with an Olympus D-360L digicam

by David Young, Iowa City, USA



The images below are of red ants (Myrmica sp.) which I raise at home.

The pictures were taken using a simple lens over the Olympus D-360L digicam. Flash was used, which works really well with this camera. With many digital cameras the flash tends to over expose at such close range. The flash really improves the sharpness of the pictures.

Occasionally the images  may come out a tad overexposed. In which case, using an exposure compensation of between -0.5 to -1 corrects the problem perfectly.

Comments to the author David Young are welcomed.


Images by the author.

(Editor's note: to fit in the web page, the author's master images have been resized
and sharpened a little to correct softness introduced by resizing.)


dy1.jpg (24434 bytes)
These black winged ants are the males.


dy2.jpg (28812 bytes)


dy3.jpg (35271 bytes)


dy4.jpg (27493 bytes)


dy5.jpg (25745 bytes)

The image above and below shows the ant
grubs being handled by the adults.

dy7.jpg (26084 bytes)



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