New acquisition, a PROJECTINA 4014 Forensic Microscope, circa 1960.
Very rough and dirty when purchased but responding well to some TLC!
Giving magnification and projection up to X3000.
As it was when bought, very dirty and scruffy, here shown with X10 eyepiece and manual stage.
These three photos show the binocular eyepiece and left and right view. Knob on left hand side is focus,which is very fine. Knob to left of eyepiece switches view/project. Switch on RHS lamp intensity
Mirrors can be seen here that direct light from two substage lamps in bottom casing. These are 6v/5A lamps SES fitting, switches above them.
Bits box includes X20,X30,X50 single obj's.
Various projection lenses up to X3000 using X100 objective. X10 EPI lens.
Two stages came with it, a manual and a vernier.
I am using a concave lens in the manual one as a wet dish! These took a lot of cleaning!
A view behind the 7 inch frosted projection screen, showing lens and mirror, which can be removed to allow projection onto a screen.
Here can be seen the 4 lens turret,with
X7,X10,X20 and X40 lenses. The substage lamps can be seen with their neat and handy situation.
Underside view of unit with one light unit removed. Each unit has a focusing condenser in it. The centre one is the projection/direct lamp.
The centre lamp which should be a 6V/100W ? is controlled by a 3 way switch on the RHS of the unit giving 2, 4, and 6V AC,
allowing the light to be reduced for viewing through the eyepiece, and increased for projection.The light path is controlled by a pivoting mirror above the turret. Using a 12V
quartz lamp in the projector housing, a good image can clearly be seen in normal room lighting on the screen. It will work much better when I can get a 6V high wattage quartz lamp!
Using my Philips video camera mounted in place of the eyepiece I get 1 cm = 4.2 microns on the computer screen.
All in all, a very interesting piece of equipment! I have since added a substage condenser/aperture diaphragm, (missing).

Micscape Editor's note: Mirrored with permission in the March 2003 Micscape Magazine from the author David Bull's web site.

Update: Images of the completed renovation can be found here.
Comments to the author, David Bull are welcomed.

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