The History of Photomicrography

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Normand L. Overney and Gregor T. Overney, California, USA


Using a somewhat "Leitz-centric" viewpoint, we summarize the history of photomicrography. We start at the turn of the nineteenth century (the work of Thomas Wedgwood) and discuss photomicrography until about 1965 (introduction of the famous Leitz Orthoplan). In order to better follow the development of photomicrography over several decades, we limit our historical review to a few important contributors. For instance, we omit the excellent work by Pohl, Weselsky, Möller, Harting, Rood, Nachet, Woodward, and many more.

'The History of Photomicrography'
3rd Edition of March 2011
by Normand Overney and Gregor Overney
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