By Ian Walker  UK.

The slides  were all prepared by the late Eric Marson of Northern Biological Supplies and were bought as a set of six.

All the images were taken using a Bimam R13 microscope and low power LOMO Objectives together with home made darkfield 'stops' and simple cross polarisation filters with Nikon Coolpix 4500.

Urea, NBS Ref. 116


Resorcinol, NBS Ref. 115


Resorcinol, this time using darkfield illumination, left and middle using a green filter and right, no filter all using a 25X objective.


Resorcinol, all darkfield, the left using a blue filter, the middle a green filter and right no filter, this shows how much variation in tonal colours and textures you can get from a single slide!



Adipic Acid, NBS Ref 114



Hippuric Acid, NBS Ref. 113



Paracetamol, NBS Ref... none supplied.

The end.

Comments to the author, Ian Walker, are welcomed.

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