An Overview of Human Cells for Light Microscopists
Part II - Human Skin & Human Lungs
A 3D modelling article
by Mol Smith 2010
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Human Skin and Human Lungs
All images not indicated as copyright of mol smith are either public domain or are from Wiki and are used under the Creative Commons licence. Please follow the links below to visit the source of these images.

Grays sweat gland
(Expired copyright - so public domain)

(Creative commons licence)

Sebaceous diagram
(Expired copyright - so public domain)

No copyright - Brendan Thomas, the author

Lung X-ray
Mikael Häggström (Wiki Creative Commons licence)

Finger Tip Animation showing sweat glands.
Wikipedia Commons License.

All other images and videos, namely the ones created by using the 3D models, can be used or linked to provided you make it clear they are
copyright of mol smith 2010 and, and you are not using them on a commercial web site or in any way commercially! If you wish to use these images for media, corporate, commercial use, you must email me - the author - for permission.

The text information was constructed through research from the following resources:-

  • Microbiology by Prescott, Harley, and Klein (2nd edition) ISBN0-697-01372-3 USA
  • Wikipedia Data Skin here
  • Wikipedia Data Lung here
  • Various web sites for cross-checking data
  • Atlas of Anatomy ISBN 0-86307-416-2
  • An Advanced History of Histology by W.H Freeman and Brian Bracegirdle
  • Brunel Microscopes Video on Mammal Histology

The 3D models used are available for Licencing. See below.

3D Models in this article

Skin Section from

Lungs from Anatomium

This is part of an anatomical 3D model collection produced by:
I highly recommend this company's 3d anatomical models and products as being accurate and extremely affordable to anyone interested in producing educational content for schools, biological, and medical students.

Movies in .MOV for downloading...

Skin Section in
red/cyan 3D                 {c} Mol Smith. Not to be used elsewhere without permission from Microscopy-UK.
Lungs in body in
red/cyan 3D               {c} Mol Smith. Not to be used elsewhere without permission from Microscopy-UK.
Lungs in body Colour Lungs Larger
movie     c} Mol Smith. Not to be used elsewhere without permission from Microscopy-UK.

3D Models
A list of 3D models that we are currently aware of as appropriate for biological, microscopical, and medical use is maintained in the 3D model section of our
site here.

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