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Protozoa Portraits - Amoeba, Paramecium, Colpidium

A selection of images taken by James Evarts, US


This is a gallery of a selection of images sent by James Evarts, US. The originals are on 35mm film but have been scanned from prints. A home made microscope adaptor for a commercial electronic flash gun was used and will be described in a later Micscape issue.

Paramecium, (lower organism) with the head of an Aelosoma (a tiny segmented worm) above. Phase contrast illumination.
Paramecium. James remarks: I took this photo' of a Paramecium group last summer that was in the lake. Used phase contrast, 16X objective, 12.5X ocular, and electronic flash. The group bottom left show the oral groove leading to the gullet.
Amoeba radiosa, using phase contrast illumination. Original print was 1000X. A Spirochaete bacterium is just visible at top right. (See May 1999 Micscape for video clips of Spirochaetes).
Amoeba. James remarks: 'The light source was offset to give the 3D image. Amoebae's were once  abundant in the lake by me but lately they are hard to find.'

Colpidium, the light source was again offset to give the 3D effect. Original negative ca. 200X.

Images are James Evarts and must not be used commercially or redistributed without permission from the author. Personal use e.g. for school projects is welcomed but please contact the author first.

Comments to James Evarts welcomed.


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