Polarized Crystals

by Nino Gordeladze

Rochester Institute of Technology
4th Year Imaging and Photographic Technology Student


Equipment Set Up

A Nikon D200 was mounted on a copy stand. The bellows and 38mm true macro lens were attached on the camera system. A circular polarizer was placed inside the bellows on top of the marco lens. For the light source, a condenser focus trans-illumination was used with a 38mm condenser lens. The camera was moved up or down such that the light source filament, passing through the condenser lens, was in focus on the marco lens. A piece of tape or white paper, placed against the camera lens, helps aid the process of focusing the filament. Next, a second polarizer was placed on top of the condenser lens bellow the stage. The second polarizer was adjusted until it was cross-polarized with the first one. The specimen was placed on the stage between the two polarizers allowing for cross-polarization of the crystals.



Preparing the Crystals


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