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Arranged slides of diatoms and holothurian plates

Photographed by Bill Ells, UK



Images Bill Ells

Two photo-micrographs of arranged diatom slides which also have the small plates from the skin of Holothuria referred to in the previous Micscape article 'It's Fun Finding Out'. The photo's were taken in 1986 using a x4 objective and a x6 Huygenian eyepiece at 1/250th second exposure by Bill Ells from the microscope slide collection of Bill Boorn. These are very attractive arrangements and the plates referred to can easily be distinguished from the diatoms.

Comments to Bill Ells welcomed.

Editor's note: Bill Ells asked the slides' owner if he knew who prepared them. Bill Ells remarks 'he {Bill Boorn} said they were made for and supplied by the firm of Watsons. He also said a man named Dalton worked on diatom arranging for Watsons but he does not know if he actually did them. They could date from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's but he believes they were fairly early.'


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