Some Unusual Antique Slide Coverslips

by Barry B. Miller, USA


Victorian slide preparers took great pride in their work.  Their care is shown by the meticulously prepared mounts of diatoms, insect eggs, and other subjects into circles, straight lines, and other patterns.  Several preparers covered their slides with colorful and decorative papers.

W.C. Walker was an American who prepared excellent diatom mounts.  His slides were distinctive due to their ornate coverslips.  Little is known about Walker.  He prepared slides during the late 19th century (personal communication with Jim Solliday).  Walker’s coverslips contained inked designs composed of three main components:  a series of circles; a radial design; and the name 'W.C. Walker' together with 'Utica, N.Y.' written rather small in a circular pattern.  The designs were prepared on the undersides of the coverslips.  This surrounded the neatly prepared subject matter.

Examples of these slides are shown below.  If anyone has further examples of Walker’s slides or more information about him or his methods of preparing the coverslips, I would be happy to hear from them via my Comments to the author sent via our contacts page quoting page url plus : ('bmiller','')">e-mail address.

Coverslip detail.


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