Part II.

By Ian Walker.  United Kingdom.


[All images taken on the Nikon 4500 digital camera, a short image gallery showing some more of Elements effects, best viewed at 1280 pixel width].



Image of a small apple converted to black and white with light grey 'neon glow' and extreme contrast applied.



A small copper butterfly taken with close-up flash and extreme contrast applied.



Wild berries and thistle heads converted to black and white and blue 'neon glow' applied, the 'neon glow' effect

is extremely versatile with small changes in settings causing large colour differences, as can be seen above.



Cut stone, here using Elements lighting effects to highlight detail and apply colour.



A fern plant converted to black and white and green 'neon glow' added.



Plastic tubes to protect young trees from rabbit attack were found piled up in park land, again colour

removed and green 'neon glow', 4% 'noise' and extreme sharpening applied.



Wide angle shot of nearby fields, trees and farms, several effects applied here including 'neon glow'.



Flowers with 'difference clouds' effect.



A spiders web at ground level soaked in dew with 'difference clouds' effect.


the end.

Comments to the author, Ian Walker, are welcomed.


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