Observing microscopic life forms can be a wonderful experience. It is as if you are exploring life from another planet. Thomas Aungst kept a diary of the organisms he saw through his microscope. Drawing from nature helps you to understand the complex structures of these creatures that look so alien but live so close to us. Every ditch around the corner harvests millions of the most wonderful life forms.

Microscopy Diary of Thomas Aungst

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The idea to put these pages on the web came after a very nice e-mail conversation between two people who love working with the microscope, Thomas Aungst and Wim van Egmond. They both think that when making drawings you study micro organisms much closer. The author used different coloured 'felt pencils' to show the different parts of the organisms. Thomas kept a microscopy diary for many years. Unfortunately almost the entire collection of drawings and notes were lost when his house was robbed a few years ago. These pages show a selection from the only volume left.

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