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Issue 27: January 1998

Next update February 13th
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SEM Image of the desmid Euastrum oblongum Andrew Syred (Microscopix) and Bill Ells

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Jaws! A Micscape Wonder Article
- the beautiful and awesome features of a rotifer captured on video
The mysterious 'carpenter's rule' diatom
- the intriguing movements of a colonial diatom of the genus Bacillaria
Image of the Month: Unidentified objects adhering to hairs on a fly leg
- can you identify these tiny objects. This is a genuine query and not a quiz!
What is an amateur microscopist?
- practising microscopy for the love of it
- a review of the portable microscope with an innovative design
A look at an old slide
- the intricate sculptured skeletons of Radiolaria
Optical and SEM examination of some species of the desmid genus Euastrum
- SEM reveals interesting detail on these attractive algae
Further Notes on the Micscape Article 'Experiments with a miniature CCD camera'
- the pros and cons of infra-red sensitivity!


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