Microscopy-UK 3D Model Appeal


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We are hoping to have 3D models built which can then be used by animators and educationalists to present life-like videos and animated material to help encourage new generations to pick up microscopy as a worthwhile pursuit. We all know that our world is increasingly being changed by powerful new digital tools and technology. We are all also aware that enthusiast microscopy is under threat of being a past-time of the past rather than the future, much like the advent of radio and television decimated the number of enthusiast microscopists in the post-Victorian era. We consider that the fresh young minds of children today are being increasingly 'tuned' to understanding their world through computer and digital technologies, and we thereby wish to place microscopy-related material into their new-format learning processes. By achieving this, we will encourage the use of real microscopes, by youngsters, to future marvel at the real representations of the 3d models they have seen. This simple animation below was created by Mol Smith from licensed 3d models to demonstrate the use of 3D modelling technology in an educational way.

Each model will cost $1500 to have created. Microscopy-UK will be the sole owners of the completed models. We will try to licence them to 3rd parties at a nominal cost in order to promote REAL microscopy study, and a clause for their use will include linking to the microscopy-uk web site. This will help bring students, children, and the general public to our resources and hopefully, many of them will become new enthusiast microscopists. Few organisations are really working to promote Microscopy as an enthusiast science subject and we feel our pursuit, as enthusiasts, is being constantly eroded. Without projects like this, enthusiast microscopy is threatened with dying out as a study past-time for future generations. You can help preserve Microscopy as a non-professional, non-commercial, pursuit by helping us fund the construction and purchase of Microscopy Models. The models are not wooden or physical: they are electronic... or better put - digital, and are used in special software programs (like movie cgi) to create animated realistic visual material.

By contributing a small amount of what you can afford, you will have helped Enthusiast Microscopy strike a world first and put an important milestone in the continuing journey of Microscopy as a pursuit for serious study and discovery by enthusiasts. Without your help now, it is unlikely that they models will be built. we all know that Professional Microscopy and commercial Microscopy are not funded to look into the many areas of study that we enthusiasts do.

So, if you are passionate about your past-time, get involved with this appeal right now and help us - the world's enthusiast microscopy community - be proactive in presenting our love of our subject in a world increasingly pulling young minds into competitive, and often less worthy, distractions.

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