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  What is it?
What does it do?
Do I need anything else to use it?
Isn't it out-of-date?
What is a trial version?
What is a registered version?
Will it run on my system?
Is it difficult to use?
What uses does it have?
How big is the download?
How do I purchase?
How much is it?
Download & Install - how?
User Problems & Answers

What is it?
Originally created in the early years of computing (1992),
Microscope for the PC was the world's first virtual microscope, running in a DOS based environment. Although updated to run under early versions of Windows, with the introduction of Windows ME, all DOS based software could no longer run.

But now that's all changed!!

A new freeware program which emulates DOS in a windows environment has become available allowing Microscope for the PC to run again under Windows 2000 / Windows XP. Microscope has been revised to enable transparent operation in your Windows environment so you don't have to worry about the techie stuff concerning operating systems and the like. Simply download the trial version, run the downloaded file, locate the desktop item made during the installation and away you go!

What does it do?
It runs like a real microscope but on your PC. It has many slidesets which allow you to study and learn about animal and plant life both at the microscopic and macro scale. Over 100 controls enable you to magnify and move the slide around, run and manipulate ambitions, sample and compare parts of specimens, and teach you about biology, pond life, & botany, both at the enthusiast level and up to '0' and 'A' level standards.

Do I need external stuff?
You don't need anything except the software itself! It comes complete with 4 slidesets in the trial version and approx. 60 slidesets (not slides but sets of slides - a maximum of 10 to a set), in the registered version!

Made in 1992. Isn't it a bit old and out-of-date?

Well, it certainly has a 'retro' feel about it but even though it was devised before the graphical interface we use today, it was built with a windows type interface before Microsoft Windows itself. It doesn't have the full colour capability and resolution we are used to in 2005 but it was so well conceived that it is still today a powerful tool and learning aid. It took 3 years to create and was designed to teach people about microscopy. In fact, it was this software which lead to the creation of Microscopy-uk and Micscape Magazine.

At 20.00 dollars for a registered version, you cant really go wrong. And you can run the trial version to see if it is for you before shelling out for a registered version.

What is the difference between the trial and registered version?
The trial version only contain 4 slidesets. Enough for you to navigate the software and determine its usefulness to you. The full registered version has nearly 60 slidesets (up to 10 slides per set). See the list below for the slideset topics in the registered version.

Algae, Ants, A level biology - Plant, A level biology - mammal, fly, mosquito,
parasites, rotifers, wasp, diatoms, amoebas, paramecium, volvox, aphids,
larvae, weevils, bugs, household objects, art, fleas, spiders,
ciliates, Velcro, pond life.

Will it run on my system?
Microscope will run on all versions of Windows on a PC. There is no version for the Apple Mac.

Is it difficult to operate?
Microscope is a comprehensive program, but it is designed to monitor your activity and bring up help messages to direct you when you make mistakes. It has a quick-start tutorial mode to get you up and running quickly. Children over the age of 7 should also be able to use it with a bit of guidance from you to start. The main thing to remember is that you must always click on a control to get something to happen. You cant just say, click on a file name - to load a slideset. Always use the navigate and load buttons. A comprehensive user manual in html format is included which can be read by your browser.

What uses does it have?
So many! Here is a list of some of them:-

  1. Help newbies identify microscopic and macro forms.
  2. Help students of A and O level biology at a curriculum standard. (used in US and UK schools).
  3. Help youngsters to be encouraged to get a real microscope and learn about their world.
  4. Help microscopists to learn more details about real specimens.
  5. A wonderful retro-edutainment opportunity for rainy days & nights.
  6. Assists people who have just acquired a real microscope for the first time.
  7. Provides an ideal solution for the 'armchair' scientist to look at microscopy.

How big is the download?
The trial version is around 6 megabytes. The registered version is around 28 megabytes.

How do I purchase a registered version?
All purchases are via PAYPAL. We believe this is the safest method of purchasing items over the internet. You can join up with them today and use Paypal all across the internet. The registered version is just 20.00 US dollars, no extras. Once you check out from the shopping cart, you will be taken to a page to click on the download link. You will also receive an email with the download link in it along with a password and any other instructions needed to install the software.

Purchase a registered version now!

Downloading and Installing
These instructions are the same for both the trial version and the registered one, except in the registered one, you will be prompted for a registration number during the installation process. You will have received this in your automated registration confirmation email and on the download link page.

  • 1) Download the .exe file and save it on your PC where you will find it later.
  • 2) After the download is complete, locate the file and run it. (double click on the filename!)
  • 3) The file will automatically unzip to your main C drive. Do not change the location!
  • 4) Two new directories are made on your C drive: \pcdosbox and \dosprogs
  • 5) A new desktop item/folder or items should have installed on your desktop.
  • 6) Click on the desktop item: Microscope for the PC icon or the manual/guide icon.
  • 7) If you don't see a desktop item, locate and run the file called: c:\pcdosbox\pcdosbox.exe

note: you can create your own shortcut to this file. The manual is located at c:\dosprogs\scope\MANUAL2.html

Its that easy. Any problems... email me here!

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FAQ of User Problems and Answers
(I will post any issues here along with solutions)

Can't LOAD slidesets other than Guide01
From: dusty
Date: 07/28/05 12:52:35
Subject: Re: Order Info - Mol Smith - t/a Sin-ergy Studios : Ltd

Mol, as noted I have the full version installed on a laptop running windows
ME. I have a problem that when I click on "load" it will not permit me to
get other sets in that it flashes on and off too fast. In other words I can
only get guide01.set. I have reinstalled this several times to no avail.
Incidentally I have downloaded the trial version on my desk top XP and it
does the same thing. Am I doing something wrong? Super program once I get it
working. Thanks for your help. Bob Rhodes
I think you may be doing something wrong.

You have to click on the little arrows in the small window close to where u see the slideset names. Clicking the arrows moves the hilite down (or up) the list of slides. When the appropriate one is hilited, you then click the LOAD button. This places the set into the upper window slide rack. Thereafter, you naviagate the set in the upper window and use the VIEW button to load a chosen slide into the viewer.

Let me know if this works.

Because we are all Windows users now, it is instinctive to click the wrong thing... like the icon of the slide, or the name of the slide, but the software was created before windows was around, so this methodology was not realised at that time. Only buttons control the working of the software.

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